How to Reach Us

FRI is located in the South-West of Ljubljana within walkingdistance of most hotels in the center of Ljubljana. To reach the Faculty from the center take bus lines 1 (direction "Mestni log") or 6 (direction "Dolgi most"). See the figure below for the street map. When arriving by passenger car, notice that the car entrance is from Jamova cesta.

By Air

The Ljubljana airport at Brnik is about 20 km North-West from the center of Ljubljana. It has fairly good connections with other European airports (Frankfurt, Munich, London, Zurich, Copenhagen, Paris, etc.) and is by Adria, the national Slovenian air carrier, as well as number of other major European airlines. In addition, some other airports are relatively near (Trieste-Ronchi, Zagreb, Klagenfurt).

How to get from the airport to Ljubljana can be viewed at the folloving link.

Slovenia in Europe

By Rail

Ljubljana has good railway links with Austria (Vienna, Klagenfurt, Graz), Germany (Munich), Croatia (Zagreb, Rijeka), Hungary (Budapest) and Italy (Trieste). The above mentioned cities have good international connections with all of the large European cities. Traveling to Slovenia by rail from places further afield, is of course less comfortable and notnecessarily cheaper than air travel.

By Air and Rail


Via Austria: By plane to Vienna, Graz or Klagenfurt airport and by train or car to Ljubljana (direct trains go twice daily on weekdays).

Via Germany: By plane to Munich and by train or car to Ljubljana (a direct train goes once every day).

Via Croatia: By plane to Zagreb and by train or car to Ljubljana.

Via Italy: By plane to Venice or Trieste and by train or car to Ljubljana.

By City Bus

When you arrive at the main railway and bus station in Ljubljana, walk to the bus stop at Bavarski dvor (7 minutes in the SW). There you enter the bus with Urbana card  and drive to the Faculty by bus number 6 (direction of the Dolgi most) and get off at the station Hajdrihova. When you get off, go on to a pedestrian crossing. Faculty is located on the other side of the road.

By Passenger Car

Ljubljana is connected to all neighbouring countries with a good road system and visitors should not encounter problems on their trip.

Map of Slovenia with major roads leading to and from Ljubljana