The academic year at the University of Ljubljana consists of the fall and the spring semester. The courses in the fall semester begin on October 1st and last for 15 full weeks. The spring semester courses start in the second half of February  and end in the beginning of June, according to the current academic calendar of the University of Ljubljana.

There are three examination periods: winter (from the end of the fall until the beginning of the spring semester), spring (a full month after the spring semester) and fall (from mid August until the end of September). Courses consist of lectures, problem solving classes (tutorials), laboratory work, and  independent work assigned to the students. All courses last one semester and the student course load per semester, according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), is 60 ECTS. In most study programs the work load is uniformly distributed among the courses, the majority of the courses at all levels have 6 ECTS.

The Faculty of Computer and Information Science participates in several international educational programs, such as the European Union ERASMUS+ programme and the CEEPUS program which encourage student and teacher mobility between European universities. The study programs of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science are registered with the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI) and meet the criteria for the title EUR ING.


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