Masters Programmes

Open day for Masters Programmes will be on Thursday, March 26, 2015 at 2 PM (Slovenian presentation) and at 5 PM (English presentation) in Lecture Hall P1.

We offer excellent Computer and Information Science programmes building on the bachelors programmes and offering a wide selection of courses enabling students to chart their own professional career.

The programmes are founded on the research excellence achieved in our laboratories and by our faculty members, diverse international collaborations with our academic partners, and strong links with the industry. We are proud of the program’s interdisciplinary and problem-oriented study.

Our students often participate in international competitions and achieve excellent results. Upon joining our University they become members of the vivid research community in Ljubljana that offers diverse seminars, lectures, and local and international scientific and cultural events.

The Faculty of Computer and Informatiion Science takes part in the following master studies:

The second cycle programmes are open to candidates who have completed the first cycle (university or professional) study programme or an equivalent bachelor study programme.

For further information please follow the links and contact us via email:


“I graduated from FRI (study programme: Software Development) under the previous »non-Bologna« study programme, when studies lasted 5 and a half years. Before I defended my Diploma Thesis I was already employed in a computer company. I combined my post-graduate studies with my work, which was the perfect combination, enabling me to successfully combine my real life experiences from the business environment with theory, which was an upgrade to graduate studies. The perception of problems in practice was thus brought to a higher level with methodology and research theory. To be honest, I preferred this type of combination to only studying for my postgraduate studies, because I was able to directly apply my acquired knowledge in practice and in this way satisfy my need for usefulness and effectiveness in my work.”