Doctoral Programme


Call for Enrolment is published on the web page of University of Ljubljana. Application deadline is August 28, 2015.


There are 20 positions available for enrolment in 3rd cycle doctoral studies. Candidates can submit their application via the eVŠ, following the Call for Applications, no later than 28 August 2015.
Candidates can submit their applications for the study programme in two ways:
1) With a qualified digital certificate – candidates should not send the printed form by post, but submit the application form for registering in the eVŠ by the application deadline. Only the required accompanying documents should be sent to FRI via registered mail.
2) Without a qualified digital certificate (with a user name and password) – candidates should send the enrolment form electronically to the eVŠ, print it out, sign it and then send it by the application deadline by post to FRI, enclosed with the required documents as stated in the Call for Applications.
The following required accompanying documents should be sent to: UL FRI (3rd cycle enrolment), Večna pot 113, 1000 Ljubljana:
-          A structured biography (personal information, work experience, education and training, language skills, awards and recognitions, participation in projects and research work; bibliography of published articles in journals or at conferences);
-           A certified copy of your diploma and the diploma supplements, or a certificate issued by a higher education institution (diploma supplements are not required for FRI students);
-           A GPA certificate of exams and tutorials, if it is not already enclosed as a diploma supplement (not required for FRI students);
-          Cover letter;
-          Two reference letters (from university supervisors, from work/traineeships or undergraduate studies professors).
 Valid applications include:
1) Applications, completed and submitted with an electronic signature into the eVŠ by the deadline, and
2) Applications completed in the eVŠ, printed out in the same text as the text in the last submitted eVŠ form, signed and sent via registered mail to FRI by the deadline.
Technical support and queries regarding the filling out of the electronic applications should be addressed to: eVŠ Support at the Ministry of education, science and sport, email:, tel.: 01 478 46 59 (during the application period on weekdays between 9.00 and 16.00). Technical support for difficulties with the digital certificate and electronic signatures: SIGEN-CA Support, email:, tel.: 01 478 85 90 (on weekdays between 9.00 and 16.00).
You can view the 2014 presentation online. For additional information on the study programme, you can direct your queries to the Vice Dean of Research. For information on enrolment, please contact Student Affairs.


Why enroll in the doctoral programme at UL FRI?

 University of Ljubljana offers an outstanding Doctoral Programme in Computer and Information Science. The programme is founded on research excellence achieved in our laboratories and by our faculty members, diverse international collaborations with our academic partners, and strong links with the industry. We are especially proud of the programme’s interdisciplinary and problem-oriented study.

We encourage our students to present their work at distinguished conferences, visit partner research institutions abroad, and engage in international events. Our students often participate in international competitions and achieve excellent results. Upon joining our University they become members of the vivid research community in Ljubljana that offers diverse seminars, lectures, and local and international scientific and cultural events.

The entire program is in English.

In addition:

  • our students achieve above-average results in many competitions in various fields of research,
  • the entire programme is in English (lectures, study material, exams, seminars),
  • the programme has a strong emphasis on research (lectures and seminars in the first year, a focus on research during the remaining part of the program).

Are you interested in applying? Look at the information on enrolling in the doctoral programme at FRI.


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