Janez Demšar, PhD
Associate Professor

I started  working at the Laboratory of artificial inteligence after graduating in 1996. I teach several courses at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, while my main occupation is research, namely various data mining methods. My venture point is machine learning, but lately I am especially interested in visualization as a mean of clearly conveying information to the user or data miner. I apply my research mostly in the fields of medicine and genetics.

I spend most of my time programming an open-source component-based system for machine learning and data mining Orange. I was also involved in theoretical development of an inteligent assistant for discovery of genetic networks from mutant data GenePath.


Office Hours:
Anytime (you may want to send me a mail before)


I studied computer science at the Faculty of  Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana, where I received BSc degree in 1996, MSc in 1999 and PhD in 2002, all under mentorship of prof. Dr. Bratko and co-mentorship of prof. Dr. Blaz Zupan. The area of the dissertation was artificial inteligence, in particular function decomposition, a method for data-based constructive induction without a predefined set of operators.


Current Projects

Closed Projects

Selected publications

  • Demšar, J. Statistical comparisons of classifiers over multiple data sets. Journal of Machine Learning Research. vol. 7, 1-30, 2006.
  • Van Driessche N, Demsar J, Booth EO, Hill P, Juvan P, Zupan B, Kuspa A and Shaulsky G. Epistasis analysis with global transcriptional phenotypes. Nature Genetics 37(5): 471-477, 2005.
  • Curk T, Demsar J, Xu Q, Leban G, Petrovic U, Bratko I, Shaulsky G, and Zupan B. Microarray data mining with visual programming. Bioinformatics 21(3): 396-398, 2005.
  • Juvan P, Demsar J, Shaulsky G, Zupan B. GenePath: From Mutations to Genetic Networks and Back. Nucleic Acids Research 33: W749-W752, 2005.
  • Zupan B, Demsar J, Bratko I, Juvan P, Halter JA, Kuspa A, Shaulsky G: GenePath: a system for automated construction of genetic networks from mutant data, Bioinformatics 19(3): 383-389, 2003.
  • Mramor M, Leban G, Demsar J, Zupan B: Conquering the Curse of Dimensionality in Gene Expression Cancer Diagnosis: Tough Problem, Simple Models, In: Proc. of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM-2005), Aberdeen, UK, 2005.


Janez  Demšar

Janez Demšar, PhD
Associate Professor

T: +386 1 479 8288