ASPIC: Argumentation Service Platform with Integrated Components

Client ID: European Commision (IST-002307)
Project type: European Project (Framework Programmes)
Project duration: 2004 - 2007
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ASPIC is focused on knowledge-based services for the Information Society, based on semantically rich logic formalisms called Argumentation Systems. Over the last ten years, interest in argumentation has expanded dramatically, driven in part by theoretical but also by successful demonstrations of a wide range of practicall applications.

 ASPIC will develop a common framework to underpin the services that are emerging as core functions of the argumentation paradigm. These include reasoning, decision-making, learning and communication. The complete framework will be used to demostrate two large-scale applications (in medicine and business) in knowledge management for product development. The consortium includes leading European researchers and experienced industrial partners with unrivalled technical competence and track records. 

Research Activities

Development of a novel machine learning approach that is based on argumentation (Mozina et al 2006). 

Selected Publications

Možina Martin, Žabkar Jure, Bratko Ivan. Argument Based Rule Learning, ECAI 2006.