GenQ - development of visual analytics tools for gene data.

Client ID: Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport (MIZŠ)
Project type: Structural Funds Project
Project duration: 2014 - 2015

Collaborators on project

The understanding of genomic data and new discoveries in genetics have promoted the development of industries, such as: pharmaceutical and food industry, diagnostics, energetics and many others.
Life scientists face vast amounts of data. Exabytes of genomics data exist and the size is growing exponentially. The challenge has focused in recent years from the data acquisition techniques to data analysis. Tools are needed that can handle such data and uncover the hidden patterns to the end-user.
The scope of the GenQ project will include the development of tools for visual analytics of genomic data. Visual analytics solves problems where the ability to explore and understand data is limited by complexity and specific domain knowledge is needed. We will develop methods and algorithms for the abstraction of large data sets of biomedical data. All will be implemented in cloud infrastructure with a web-based user interface that will enable interactive data exploration.
With the GenQ project we address the needs of partners of the Genialis company: Laboratory of Bioinformatics, National Institute of Biology and the Baylor College of Medicine. The project results will be integrated in Genialis's products and will help many researchers in life sciences.