STEROLTALK: Functional genomics of complex regulatory networks from yeast to human: cross talk of sterol homeostasis and drug metabolism

Client ID: Evropska komisija (LSHG-CT-2005-512096)
Project type: European Project (Framework Programmes)
Project duration: 2005 - 2008

Collaborators on project

The vision of STEROLTALK is to develop a global approach by combining dedicated functional genomic tools, three model organisms and in silico modelling, for the discovery of new drugs targets, new chemical entities and therapeutic strategies. Regulatory networks in human and mouse will be assessed through integrative analysis of transcriptome, proteome, metabolome with the aid of yeast engineering. This will allow for the first time to dechipher the multi-level response of cholesterol homeostasis to known and candidate drugs, and its modulation in pathologies. Investigation targets will represent mouse livers and human primary hepatocytes.