Computer Communications Laboratory

Research Activities

Main research interests of laboratory members are distributed systems design and development – especially grid architectures, communication security and policies and other security issues, formal validation and testing techniques of communication protocols and distributed processes, computer networks design, content networks and peer-to-peer systems, mobile computing, agile methodologies in development of software and information systems and service oriented architecture with related technologies.

  • In 2007, we have researched most actively the following areas:
  • In the area of grid systems we were researching protocol analysis methods.
  • In the area of software development methodologies, we were researching the properties of agile methodologies, especially test-driven development.
  • In the area of distribute systems architecture, we studied the system integration techniques using Service Oriented Architecture principles. We have also studied usability of these architectures in relation to digital identity management systems.
  • In the area of communication networks we have researched advanced options of IPv6 protocol and its implementations, together with strategies for migration IPv4 to IPv6.
  • In the area of information systems security and security policies, we have suggested implementation of the so-called security knowledge cycle, process of continuous education for information systems users in large companies. We have also researched its prototype support implementations and this research continues also in 2008.


Besides the typical office equipment, Computer Communications Laboratory is equipped with a few pieces of advanced networking / distributed systems hardware and software equipment. Hardware: a 20 Gb/s Infiniband network switch, two 24-port Gigabit Switches, Dell Power Vault NAS 745 (4 x 250 GB + 6 x 400 GB), 6 Dell Power Edge Servers, IBM eServer xSeries 336, Wireless WiFi and BlueTooth Access Points, various mobile devices, ActiveCard SmartCard readers and smart cards.
Software: network management tools and utilities, Oracle 10g and PostgreSQL database and development tools, SharePoint Portal Server, Microsoft development tools and utilities; several open-source Java development tools and utilities including Mobile Phone development utilities, …


In the process of connecting servers via Infiniband...

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