Laboratory for Adaptive Systems and Parallel Processing

In the Laboratory of Adaptive Systems and Parallel Processing, founded in 1991, the main basic and application research themes are from the areas of soft computing, natural algorithms and distributed systems.
The core of the research work is in the following areas of:
  • soft computing or artificial neural networks, evolutionary algorithms and fuzzy logic, mostly from the viewpoint of the learning algorithms and corresponding applications,
  • distributed systems and digital modeling,
  • information theory and the evaluation of adaptive systems on its basis.
Because of very demanding procedures in terms of processing time and due to the interdisciplinary causes, our work is spread also on the areas like:
  • distributed processing and programming on the computer clusters and/or GRID environments,
  • cellular structures and systems in relation with programmable technology FPGA,
  • management and informatization of the industrial processes.



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Activities and Events

Organization of the international conference ICANNGA 2011 in Ljubljana.


Current Projects

Closed Projects