Laboratory for Computer Architecture

Research activities cover computer architectures, software-hardware codesign, parallel processing, embedded systems and programmable logic and radio-frequency identification (RFID).

The main research work is dedicated to short SIMD processing and the integration of these new processing facilities into high-level programming languages. Currently, the most significant activities are development of syntax and semantics extensions to the ANSI C in such a way that we could use short SIMD processing facilities in C programming language and development of its vectorizing compiler which is capable to auto-matically extract short SIMD parallelism from loops. We call it MMC (multimedia C) language. We have also introduced a new data-dependence test for array references with linear subscripts. We have named this test the D-test. It is appropriate for the vectorization for modern SIMD microprocessors and is more accurate than existing tests. The test takes into account the architectural properties of modern SIMD microprocessors and allows the existence of those data dependences in the loops that do not prohibit the vectorization for SIMD microprocessors.

The part of research work is directed toward the development of special computer hardware which, through its programmable ALU, is capable of performing custom selected functions. We are also working on RISC architecture microprocesor named MOVE, and HIP which is programmed with VHDL, and then realized with field-programmable gate array (Xilinx FPGA Virtex I and II). These architecture is also suitable for the embedded system applications.

Lately, the important part of research activities include studies of radiofrequency identification technology (RFID) used in supply chain management, wireless tracking of objects to acquire the information used in classification and prediction models. This part of research includes the use of neural networks, support vector machines and some other methods applicable in design of intelligent RFID systems.



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