Laboratory of e-media

Research activities of Laboratory of e-media belong to the field of informatics with the following specific focuses:

  • security and privacy in computer networks and information systems;
  • advanced informatics (e-business) and advanced computer communications;
  • human factor research and modeling.

The concrete results include protocols (including patents) that are providing security and privacy in environments with limited computational resources, such as smart cards and sensor networks. Further, the results also include methodologies for formal verification of desired security objectives. Further, the results include simulation models that are based on system dynamics (management of large scale organizational structures and critical infrastructures) and technological solutions for trust management in the global networks, and ubiquitous computing environments. These solutions are of a multi-disciplinary nature. Last but not least, the results include implementations of supply chains management in food sector based on RFID technologies.

Publication results of Laboratory of e-media include papers published in high ranking international journals (like those published by Elsevier and the IEEE), as well as monographs published by renowned publishers (like Springer, Francis & Taylor). 

Laboratory of e-Media has an extensive international collaboration network; it participates in national, as well as European projects. Its references also include several examples of transfer of new knowledge to the market. Last but not least, members of the laboratory are involved in important international organizations.

The SALUS consortium (where LEM FRI UL is among core partners) has received ICCA 2016 award.

Where are we? 

You can find us at Faculty for computer and information science, Večna pot 113, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU, in the third floor room nr. 50 (R3.50).


External collaborators

  • Damjan Kovač, PhD
  • Balu Deokate
  • as. Jernej Kos
  • as. Iztok Starc, MSc


  • as. Damjan Tratnik
  • Eva Zupančič, PhD

Some developed implementations

 Trust management

Alpha Test Bed enables the evaluation of trust management methods. [More information]

Scalable Sybil-tolerant routing

  • A distributed emulation testbed, which enables evaluation of routing protocols on large topologies.
  • The U-Sphere protocol, enabling scalable routing on large topologies and is tolerant to Sybil attacks.
  • The implementation is available as a set of C++ libraries.


Call for Applications - PhD students positions

Prospective students (can be from Slovenia, EU, or any other state) are invited to apply for PhD degree. (mainly research, and partially teaching positions). Check the list of available research areas.

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Current Projects

Closed Projects

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