Software Engineering Laboratory

The Software Engineering Laboratory is involved in teaching and research in the areas of Software Engineering and Information Systems with an emphasis on Software Quality Management, Software Metrics, Information Systems Development, Information Systems Audit and Control, and Data Warehouses. The staff has recently worked on two international projects within the EC TEMPUS and INCO-COPERNICUS programs, as well as on several development projects for the industry. The following areas of research are currently being pursued:

1. In Software Quality Management: Comparative studies of different software quality models (SW-CMM, ISO 9000 family of standards, SPICE, Bootstrap etc.). Adaptation of SW-CMM to the needs of small orga-nizations. Personal and Team Software Process.

2. In Software Metrics: Different approaches to software measurements (e.g. GQM, bottom-up). Definition of appropriate metrics for the deve-lopment of applications in a database environment. Development of a metrics model to support the level 4 of SW-CMM in small organizations.

3. In Information Systems Audit and Control: Investigation of systematic approaches (such as COBIT) to IT control and audit in order to help IT professionals in developing and maintaining information systems that would satisfy fiduciary, security and quality requirements.

4. In Information Systems and Data Warehouses: Agile methodologies for information systems development. Development of administrative and management information systems for higher education institutions. Information quality assessment and improvement.


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Closed Projects