Matej Grom, MSc

I was born in 1974. I started to teach computer related already in secondary school. As I student I also trained cross country skiing where I got a degree of cross country skiing teacher. I graduated in year 2000 with work: Analysis of opportunities of WAP protocol for new web services.
After graduation I got employed by Laboratory for informatics where I researched mobile applications and took care of Oracle systems.
In year 2002 we started largest project, which also gave a lot of positive experiences. It was student record information system with title e-student.Project was finished in 2004.
At the moment I am researching security of computer networks and computer systems. I graduated to M.Sc. degree in november 2005.

Currently I am working as CIO of the faculty being responsible for the IT infrastructure to keep running.

Office Hours:
whenever you catch me in the laboratory or send me e-mail

Work experience

During my work I got a lot of experiences about Oracle software, Microsoft Active Directory networks and I learnt a lot about digital certificates.


Selected publications

Matej Grom

Matej Grom, MSc

T: +386 1 479 8221