Zoran Bosnić, PhD
Associate Professor

Zoran Bosnić is a member of the Laboratory of Cognitive Modeling. He teaches Computer communications, Web programming, functional programming and cooperates within doctoral studies. His research areas include machine learning, regression, e-learning systems and recommendation systems.

Office Hours:
in August and Semtember by e-mail appointment, office R2.17, 2nd floor


2001 - graduated at FRI
2003 - received a MSc degree
2007 - received a PhD degree


Current Projects

Closed Projects

Selected publications

BOSNIĆ, Zoran, KONONENKO, Igor. Estimation of individual prediction reliability using the local sensitivity analysis. Appl. intell. (Boston). [Print ed.], Dec. 2008, vol. 29, no. 3, str. 187-203.

BOSNIĆ, Zoran, KONONENKO, Igor. Comparison of approaches for estimating reliability of individual regression predictions. Data knowl. eng.. [Print ed.], Dec. 2008, vol. 67, no. 3, str. 504-516.

BOSNIĆ, Zoran, KONONENKO, Igor. Automatic selection of reliability estimates for individual regression predictions. Knowl. eng. rev., 2010, vol. 25, no. 1, str. 27-47.

BOSNIĆ, Zoran, KONONENKO, Igor. Reliability estimation of individual predictions in supervised learning. V: HAYWORTH, Gregory I. (ur.). Reliability engineering advances. New York: Nova Science Publishers, cop. 2009, str. 107-140.

ŠTRUMBELJ, Erik, BOSNIĆ, Zoran, KONONENKO, Igor, ZAKOTNIK, Branko, GRAŠIČ-KUHAR, Cvetka. Explanation and reliability of prediction models : the case of breast cancer recurrence. Knowledge and information systems, 2009, str. [1-20].

Zoran Bosnić

Zoran Bosnić, PhD
Associate Professor

T: +386 1 479 8237