Assist. dr. Mattia Petroni
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Room: R3.56-LRRS
Past projects

PETRONI, Mattia, MRAZ, Miha, ZIMIC, Nikolaj, MOŠKON Miha, Stochastic Simulation Algorithm for Gene Regulatory Networks with Multiple Binding Sites, accepted in Journal of Computational Biology, 2014

MOŠKON, Miha, BORDON, Jure, MRAZ, Miha, ZIMIC, Nikolaj, PETRONI, Mattia. Computational approaches in synthetic and systems biology. V: VALENTE, André Xavier C. N. (ur.). Recent advances in systems biology research, (Systems biology). New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2014, str. 131-156.

PETRONI, Mattia, LEBAR BAJEC, Iztok, MOŠKON, Miha, MRAZ, Miha, PAOLI, Daniela, TRAVERSO, Carlo E. Glaucoma management system : a clinical report on 409 eyes, supported by a mobile software application for interactive assessing and guiding the diagnosis and treatment of Glaucoma. V: 5th World Glaucoma Congress, Vancouver, July 17-20, 2013

PETRONI, Mattia, CANCIANI, Luigi, MRAZ, Miha, MOŠKON, Miha. A qualitative method for parameter estimation in gene regulatory networks using extended Kalman filtering. V: ZAJC, Baldomir (ur.), TROST, Andrej (ur.). Zbornik enaindvajsete mednarodne Elektrotehniške in računalniške konference ERK 2012, 17.-19. september 2012, Portorož, Slovenija