Prof. dr. Andrej Dobnikar
Retired Professor
T: 382, 307
Office hours: Tuesday: 12:00 - 13:00
Room: FRI

His research interest is in adaptive systems and structures, parallel processing, information theory, inference, natural and learning algorithms. He is occupied with research, application oriented and bilateral projects on a regular basis. The research results are published in the scientific publications with SCI and INSPEC impact factors and presented on the international scientific conferences. He is member of Advisory Committee of the ICANNGA conference (International Conference on the Adaptive and Natural computiNG Algorithms).

Activities and Events

Organization of ICANNGA 2011 conference to be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Past projects
  • A. Dobnikar, B. Šter. Structural properties of Recurrent Neural Networks, Neural Processing Letters, 2009, sprejeto v objavo
  • B. Šter, A. Dobnikar. Modelling the environment of a mobile robot with the embedded flow state machine, J. intell. robot. syst., 46(2), 182-199, 2006.
  • I. Jeras, A. Dobnikar. Cellular automata preimages : count and list algorithm. V: V. N. Alexandrov (ur.). Computational science - ICCS 2006 : 6th International Conference, Reading, UK, May 28-31, 2006 : proceedings. Part 1-4, (Lecture notes in computer science. Berlin: Springer, cop., pp.345-352, 2006.
  • B. Šter, A. Dobnikar. Adaptive Radial Basis Decomposition by Learning Vector Quantization, Neural Processing Letters, 18(1), pp. 17–27, 2003.
  • U. Lotric, A. Dobnikar. Predicting time series using neural networks with wavelet-based denoising layers. Neural Ccomput.Aappl. (Print), 2005, vol. 14, no. 1, str. [11]-17,
  • I. Gabrijel, A. Dobnikar. On-line identification and reconstruction of finite automata with generalized recurrent neural networks, Neural Networks, 16(1): 101–121, 2003.
  • A. Dobnikar. Genetic synthesis of task oriented neural networks. Neural parallel sci. comput., 1994, let. 2, št. 4, str. 533-542.
  • B. Viher, A. Dobnikar, D. Zazula. Cellular automata and follicle recognition problem and possibilities of using cellular automata for image recognition purposes. International journal of medical informatics. [Print ed.], April 1998, 49, št. 2, str. 231-241.
  • A. Dobnikar. Learning feedforward neural networks with synaptic correlations. Elektroteh. vestn., 1995, let. 62, št. 5, str. 295-298.
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