With 19 research laboratories, the Faculty of Computer and Information Science has a range of competences and expertise across the entire spectrum of computer science. You can learn more about the fields covered by individual laboratories here.




We offer interested companies various forms of cooperation. The most common forms are as follows:

  • Collaboration with laboratories: companies interested in expertise in a specific field can establish a collaboration agreement with laboratories covering that field. Such forms of collaboration most frequently involve consultation and projects aimed at developing and testing new technologies and concepts.
  • Diplomas and student challenges: companies often seek collaboration with students in tackling a variety of less demanding tasks. To this end they can agree with individual teaching staff on mentorship and together formulate the topic of the diploma thesis. Companies can also advertise what are called student challenges, in which several students or student groups are challenged to solve a specific problem.
  • Collaboration in the FRI GarageThe FRI ‘Garaža’ is a creative and technological makerspace for all curious and ambitious students and others who appreciate science, and who wish to learn all about modern information and communication technology, refine their knowledge and soft skills and create tangible applied solutions for science, the business sector, society and other stakeholders. The FRI Garaža hosts various technological events, meetings, consultations and conferences, student competitions, mentorship of technological concepts and networking, and activities to expand computer knowledge. Companies that opt to sponsor the FRI Garaža are invited to join the FRI Garaža strategy council, and play an active part in designing and implementing its programme.
  • FRI Academy: at FRI we are aware how important lifelong learning is in the area of computer science. Technologies are changing rapidly and it often happens that in time you can lose touch with the newer technologies. To this end we have established a FRI Academy, which offers various courses through which we seek to help computer professionals to keep up with the latest technologies and approaches.
  • Co-financing doctoral studies: companies that need professional staff with precisely defined competences in the field of computer and information science are offered cooperation in the form of financing doctoral studies. Interested companies sign an agreement with FRI on co-financing studies, through which we provide the doctoral student with funding for their studies. We select candidates together, be it from the Slovenian or international sphere. The FRI provides a mentor, who together with representatives of the company design the programme of competences for the doctoral student.
  • Applied research laboratories: companies seeking more in-depth cooperation with the Faculty can establish joint applied research laboratories in collaboration with FRI.





The intellectual property rights covering products and services created through cooperation between FRI and companies are a subject of mutual agreement. The general rule is that products and services that are financed or co-financed from public funds are the property of the University of Ljubljana, and those financed exclusively by companies are the property of the company. In the case of public-private financing, the rights pertaining to intellectual property are defined in the cooperation agreement.





FRI supports enterprise and the establishing of spin-off companies in fields that go beyond the confines of research and demonstrate an appropriate level of market potential. Products and services created in Faculty laboratories and that are of interest to companies are also available under licence agreements.