Research work knows no borders, so our researchers cooperate intensively with partners abroad. The largest amount of joint research work is performed under the structure of major international projects, but we also collaborate on an informal level. There is a great deal of joint work on specific research topics, supplementation of expertise in solving specific problems, joint development of ideas and publication of joint papers at scientific conferences and in scientific journals. Researchers also forge ties with colleagues abroad in other ways in various associations, and together they also organise various international research events. All these activities are carried out with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of research work and contribute their share to the wealth of global science.





In the last five years FRI researchers have participated in XX international projects, including XX EU projects under the 7th Framework Research Programme, XX projects in the Horizon 2020 programme and XX projects in the COST programme. We have also been involved in XX bilateral projects with partners from XX countries. A more detailed presentation of research projects is provided on the projects pages.





FRI researchers collaborate with partners throughout the world. The map below shows the cities where our research partners are located.






Together with colleagues from abroad we regularly organise international research events, such as conferences, workshops and symposiums. Below is a list of certain events organised in the past five years.