For students interested in Computer Graphics and/or Visualization, there is an opportunity for a double degree Ph.D. study offered by the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Computer and Information Science (UL FRI) in collaboration with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia. There are 2 enrollment places available.


The double degree programme with KAUST is targeting the students who want to get in-depth knowledge and do high-quality research in Computer Graphics and/or Visualization empowered by machine learning through collaboration within the Visual Computing Center, where they will have access to state of the art hardware and will have an option to collaborate with top researchers from these fields.


This is a four-year study and takes place at both institutions where at least two and a half years need to be spent at KAUST and the rest at UL FRI. The Ph.D. candidate will have two mentors, one from each institution. The two universities recognize the ECTS credits that students acquire at the partner university. To successfully finish this double degree Ph.D. programme, it is required to fulfill the requirements of both institutions (UL FRI, KAUST). 

All the candidates go through the selection process. The study starts with the fall semester on October 1st. There is no strict deadline for application, but the application process will take some time, which needs to be considered. For more information and details, you can contact the study coordinator Assist. Prof. dr. Ciril Bohak ( Students have to follow deadlines to apply for Doctoral studies as well to be able to be enroled.