1. How do I register for an exam?


2. How do I place orders and get certificates and transcripts?


3. How I can enrol in the next year?


4. What is the procedure for submission and defence of a diploma thesis?


5. I did not do the practical tutorials. Can I still take the exam?
No. The practicals are a mandatory part of the course requirements, so without completing them you cannot take the exam and complete the course.


6. How long are the practical tutorials valid for the course?
The practicals are valid up until the end of the current academic year. If you do not complete all the requirements for a course, you must register again in the next academic year for laboratory tutorials and complete all the requirements.


7. How many completed courses and credits must I have to progress to the second year of undergraduate studies?
You need 9 completed courses or 53 credits (ECTS) to enrol in the second year of first-cycle Bologna study programmes.


8. How many completed courses and credits must I have to progress to the second year of master’s studies? 

  • In order to enrol in the second year in the master’s programme, students must have completed first-year course units in the amount of 54 ECTS credits.


9. I have not met all the requirements for enrolment in the next year. What are my options? 
You can submit one of the following requests:

For all the stated types of enrolment you must meet certain conditions set out in the FRI Study Rules.


10. How many completed courses and credits do I need to repeat a year?
To repeat a year you need to have completed at least 5 courses and obtained at least 30 credits (ECTS).


11. I’m going to repeat a year. How do I complete the requirements in re-enrolment?
For incomplete first-year courses you need to attend and complete practical tutorials and ongoing requirements once again.
Depending on how many first-year courses you have completed, you can also complete second-year courses in advance

  • worth 30 credits (ECTS), if you have obtained 48 credits in the first year.
  • worth 18 credits (ECTS), if you have obtained 42 credits in the first year.
  • worth 6 credits (ECTS), if you have obtained 36 credits in the first year.

* Those repeating years in interdisciplinary study programmes may be allowed to take exams in advance based on an individual application submitted to the faculty.

More at: FRI Study Rules (Articles 8 and 9)


12. Can I repeat a year and also take an additional year?
No. You can only take an additional year if you have not repeated any year or changed your study programme.


13. How do I enrol in the next year?

Enrolment in higher years for all cycles takes place via the STUDIS study information system, which can be accessed online at: https://studij.fri.uni-lj.si. You can fill in an enrolment sheet the day after you meet the conditions for enrolment in the year in which you wish to enrol. The entire enrolment documentation must be sent to FRI Student Affairs. All deadlines and procedures are explained in detail in a separate window.


14. What can I do if I have difficulty completing the electronic enrolment sheet?
In the event of submitting an incomplete application or other problems in completing electronic enrolment, you can enter data and complete your enrolment in person at the Faculty in accordance with the enrolment timetable.


15. How much is the enrolment fee? 


16. Can I enrol in part-time studies at FRI?
The following study programme are open for part-time study at FRI:​

  • third-cycle doctoral programme in Computer and Information Science.


17. I have taken a break of more than 2 years from studies. Can I continue and complete my studies? 
Students who have been without student status for more than two years must first submit a request for continuing studies after a break of more than two years.


18. Can I change elective courses?
Over the course of the study programme students may change elective courses only in exceptional cases (e.g. owing to a timetable clash or non-provision of a course). Changing elective courses is only possible in the first 14 days following the start of the course based on a justified application submitted via the STUDIS study information system and approved by the Vice Dean for Education. 


19. How and when do I receive enrolment confirmation? 
In the study information system you can monitor the completion of your enrolment and any requests from FRI Student Affairs for you to make corrections on the enrolment sheet. After successfully concluding the enrolment procedure, within seven days you will receive at the given address six confirmations of enrolment for the 2016/2017 academic year and your student identification card with a new sticker.


20. Where do I get a new sticker for my student ID card?
Upon enrolment, send your student identification card to FRI Student Affairs by registered mail together with your signed enrolment sheet. After confirmation of enrolment, FRI Student Affairs will return your student ID card with a new sticker by registered mail to the given address within seven days.


21. My personal information has changed. Do I need to apply for a new student ID card?
You must request a new ID card if any personal data stated on the card changes. In that event, you must submit to FRI Student Affairs a request for a new card and submit the relevant document showing the changed circumstance. You will cover the cost of issuing a new card. Upon receiving a new card, you must return the old one.


22. When does my student ID card expire?
Identification cards can cease to be valid during the academic year for the following reasons:

  • when the student concludes studies,
  • on the day of withdrawal, if the student withdraws,
  • if the student has been expelled, on the day the expulsion decision becomes enforceable,
  • on the death of the student,
  • on the date reasons given in Article 8 of the Rules on Student Identification Cards arise (e.g. mislaying, loss or theft, destruction owing to carelessness, etc.).

Immediately upon situations referred to in indents 1, 2 and 3 arising, the student must hand over the card to FRI Student Affairs for destruction.


23. I would like to continue studying under the criteria for transferring between programmes. What is the procedure? 
Details of the procedures for enrolling under the criteria for transferring between programmes are posted on the page “Enrolment in the next year”.


24. How do I submit a request? 
Student requests are implemented via the STUDIS study information system. This enables students to monitor various stages of the processing of their requests and to view the decision on final processing.

An exception applies to those students who wish to submit an application to continue or complete their studies and have never been processed in the STUDIS information system. Such students should submit a request to continue or complete studies on the form available on the website.


25. FRI Study Rules