Enrolment procedures at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science will be conducted electronically via the STUDIS academic information system for the 2021/22 academic year.


Enrolment for different categories of student shall take place, in line with the applicable legal and systemic restrictions, in the following order of precedence:


Certificate of enrolment


You can track the status of your enrolment application in the STUDIS academic information system. After you complete the enrolment procedure, you will be given the option of printing out the certificate of enrolment for the 2021/22 academic year via STUDIS.


Student ID card


If you wish to receive a new hologram sticker for an existing student ID card (thereby confirming that you have current student status), send your card by registered post to the Student Affairs Office : FAKULTETA ZA RAČUNALNIŠTVO IN INFORMATIKO, ŠTUDENTSKI REFERAT, VEČNA POT 113, 1000 LJUBLJANA. After confirmation of enrolment, the Student Affairs Office will return your student ID card, bearing the new sticker, by registered mail to your address.


You must request a new ID card if there is a change to any of your personal data on the card. In this case, you should send a request for a new card to studinfo@fri.uni-lj.si and enclose a copy of the document proving the change to the data. The cost of issuing a new card shall be covered by the student. The old card must be returned upon receipt of the new one. The charge for a new student ID card shall be made in accordance with valid UL FRI 2021/22 price list.


Changing elective courses and withdrawing from a course


During the study programme, you may change elective courses only in exceptional cases (e.g. owing to a timetable clash or the fact that a course is no longer provided). Changing an elective course is only possible in the first 14 days following the start of the course, on the basis of a legitimate application submitted via the STUDIS academic information system and the approval of the Vice-Dean for Education.


If an incomplete application is submitted or other problems arise in the completion of electronic enrolment, you may contact the Student Affairs Office for help by email:


Instructions for the payment of enrolment fees


In accordance with the University of Ljubljana price list, the enrolment fee for the 2021/22 academic year is:


Enrolment fee and contribution for Student Council activities

32,00 €




Enrolment fee and contribution for Student Council activities

24,00 €

Enrolment fees are settled on the basis of an invoice you will receive, after your enrolment is confirmed, to the email address associated with your digital identity. You will receive it in a couple of days. If you do not settle the invoice by the specified deadline, you will be locked out of the key study-related functions of the STUDIS system.


Conditions for claiming subsidised travel tickets


Please consult the service providers’ websites for instructions on claiming subsidised travel tickets.