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Mathematics in computer science is similar to gears in a car - you can do without them, in the first and only gear,  but you will move slowly. The more gears you have the faster and further you can get.

For example, computers compute and computations are done by numbers. But what exactly are numbers? How do we tell a computer to use the square root of 2? Computers also draw curves but what exactly are curves and how do we use them to make a computer animation? Computers assist us in handling huge amounts of data. How do we represent the crucial data in a reasonable way? For that we have all sorts of mathematical models and tricks.

We cannot promise you all the answers. However, together we will definitely make a step forward. The course is divided onto 6 chapters: Sequences and series, Functions, Derivatives with applications, Integrals, Vectors, Matrices.

Coursework consists of weekly homework assignments, two midterms and a final exam.

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