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Digital entrepreneurship is a course in which students will gain competencies in the field of digital entrepreneurship and management of the entrepreneurial team. This will enable them to better integrate into the business world after completing their studies. In the course students will considerably improve their competencies:                                   - regarding identification and valuation of potential digital business opportunities (analysis of existing markets for digital products and services, gap analysis, potential competitive advantage analysis, digital business model selection…),                                                                                                                                                                           - regarding effective teamwork within start-ups (effective communication, creation and maintenance of a positive atmosphere in the workplace, modern conflict resolution techinques) and o regarding effective leadership techniques (planning, organisation, management and control of colleagues in start-up teams).

To develop the above presented competencies, the grade of the course will be 100% based on the final project – a business plan for a digital business opportunity, which will be prepared by students through their work in the course and through regular homework. The business plan will be presented at the end of the course by the student project teams.

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