• PKP 1 - Študija in primerjava naprednih metod računalniškega vida za modeliranje stopal v realnem okolju
The Client : Javni sklad RS za razvoj kadrov in štipendije ( PKP 1 )
Project type: Projects Structural Funds
Project duration: 2014 - 2014
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In addition to the traditional and already established methods for promotion of natural and cultural heritage, it is also worthwhile to introduce innovative communication methods that are close to the modern way of life. Within the project, we have developed an innovative solution based on mobile computer vision and augmented reality, which presents the tradition of viticulture and wine growing in Vipava valley with the technology of the future. We have developed a prototype of an Android mobile application and a content management system that enable efficient and attractive communication of relevant information. We have developed a mobile application for automatic recognition of wine bottle labels, which offers additional information, collected with the developed content management system. For selected autochthonous wine varieties, the mobile application also displays additional animations in the augmented-reality mode that contain 3D models built with a system that has also been developed within the framework of the project. In this way, the individual elements of natural and cultural heritage are even more exposed and better communicated to the public.

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