• P2-0241 - Synergy of the technological systems and processes
The Client : Javna agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost RS ( P2-0241 )
Project type: ARRS research programmes
Project duration: 2009 - 2014
  • Description

The development of new technologies, systems and materials with time dependent properties requires, in addition to understanding and control of individual isolated units and physical phenomena, understanding and control of connected and distributed systems and processes whose behavior is characterized by mutual non-linear interactions, which often lead to instability and even chaos. Therefore description, characterization and understanding of the complexity of systems and processes, resulting from nonlinear interactions and non-stationarity, are subject to a number of intensive scientific research projects, in which also the research program of Synergetics complex systems and processes takes part. Synergetic treatment is mainly based on empirical description. Therefore, in addition to the description and characterization of dynamic instability and complexity of technical and technological processes and systems, we are involved (and with results contribute to the development of science) also in the field of non-linear analysis of stationary and non-stationary time series, methods for automatic monitoring, empirical and adaptive modeling and using models for the identification, forecasting, optimization and control of states of complex processes based on multi-sensor data. By using the methods of synergetics, in addition to understanding the physical properties and understanding and control of complexity of technological processes that are a result of nonlinear interaction of different process variables, we also contribute to a closer mutual connection and merging of physics, informatics and technical sciences in terms of both theoretical as well as a applied research of complex systems and processes. The latter is necessary for holistic treatment, progress and development of technical sciences, as well as for developing new technologies, products, systems and processes. Through research based on these topics and with methods of synergetics we actively participate and attend to the development of science in the fields of description and characterization of the dynamics and stability of complex manufacturing processes, research and application of methods of nonlinear time series analysis, research and development of adaptive intelligent systems for automated modeling monitoring, supervision, control and optimization of complex technical and technological systems and processes. Significance of the results for the development of science is confirmed by the publication of research results in a high-quality scientific journals as well as their high visibility.