• GI Teams - Global Innovation Teams
The Client : Evropska komisija ( GI Teams )
Project duration: 2022 - 2024
  • Description

1.Design a model for virtual internships. The model will include blended teaching/learning; be work-based; incorporate several digital technologies, both online and offline; be designed in a safe and responsible way. We aim at designing the model reducing the risks related to digital tools and online teaching/learning as much as possible or promote awareness on the inevitable risks.

2.Transferability. On the completion of the Project, the Global Innovation Teams modules will be mainstreamed in all the European partners institutions

3.Upskill of staff and of industry professionals. They will be trained

on how to run virtual internships, act as mentors and help students personalize their training experience.

4.Inclusiveness by design. Developing innovative practices for online/remote teaching is a great opportunity to develop more inclusive approaches to internships and international experiences.

5.Strengthening the partnership and the industry network. Create new connections between the partner institution, specifically share and expand a network of industry partner that can provide projects for project/work-based modules and share knowledge on blended and distant teaching/learning.