• GOSTOP - Building Blocks, Tools and Systems for the Factories of the Future
The Client : Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport ( GOSTOP )
Project type: Projects Structural Funds
Project duration: 2016 - 2020
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The aim of the proposed GOSTOP programme is to accelerate the development of the Factories of the Future concept in Slovenia and to provide solutions to the current needs of Slovene industry, and some companies have already started introducing this concept into their production facilities. In GOSTOP, a total of 13 companies and 6 research organisations which had compatible research and development programmes in the Factories of the Future concept joined forces to push forward its development. Taking into account the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Slovenia prepared by SVRK and the priorities of the Factories of the Future roadmap under Horizon 2020 prepared by EFFRA, four areas were identified in which decisive breakthroughs could be achieved in Slovenia in the near future: control technologies, tooling, robotics, and photonics. This means that in GOSTOP we combined the majority of the horizontal fields pinpointed by the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Slovenia documents for the Factories of the Future area. In all these fields, the most promising research topics of interest to Slovene industry were determined and, where the knowledge required in the Slovene research organisations existed, synergies were identified between them. Several value chains in the programme were combined, within the scope of which new products will be developed in the near future. In this way, the competitiveness of Slovenian industry will be improved significantly. On the one hand, GOSTOP includes the development of new products and breakthrough technologies by agile SMEs. On the other hand, however, the overall Factories of the Future concept will be developed, thereby leading to integrated systems to be used by large Slovenian companies in order to optimise their production and develop new products with high added value. An example of the kind of product included in GOSTOP would be the vision of a turnkey factory. The success of GOSTOP will contribute to raising the added value and export volume of the participating companies and Slovenian industry as a whole.

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