• E-health care process support
The Client : Javna agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost RS
Project type: Research projects ARRS
Project duration: 2010 - 2013
  • Description

Chronic noncommunicable diseaases represent an important and growing threat to sustainability of health care systems. To fight this cahllenge reserves in health care system need to be better utilized and health care innovation is needed. The unoptimal care process and poor patient engagement in this process are key topics of this project.eHealth (information an dcommuication technologies in health care) enables relatively quick and effortless implementation of innovative health care services. The project will use years of experience of konsortium partners to develop, implement and evaluate innovative health care interventions, utilizing eHealth and contemporary organizational approaches. Asthma, diabetes mellitus type and anxiety disorder are very common conditions that importantly reduce lifestyle quality and have an important system-level disease burden. Common for these conditions are poor screening, prevention and therapy, all leading to more developed disease presentation with complications, psychosocial and financial consequences.

In scope of the project the clinical content and processes for integrated health care of populations at risk for chronic noncommunicable diseases and patients will be supported with automation and active patient engagement technologies. The solution will be based on a generic technological platform, enabling efficient management of clinical and process know-how and semantic interoperability that all serve as predispositions of contemporary health care information systems.

The project's aim is to measure (expectedlxy positive) clonical effects of eHealth supported interventions for importanc chronic diseases. These results will serve as guidelines for further health care system development in Slovenia and important contribution to eHealth knowledge in worldwode research perspective. The developed interventions will improve competitiveness of slovene eHealth, public health and care provision institutions (both research- and businesswise). The outcomes of the project will increasegrowth of slovene eHealth market and directly (with cost savings) and indirectly (improving efficiency of workforce) benefit the economy and welfare of the Republic of Slovenia.