What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that usually contain a sequence of letters and numbers and are placed on a user’s device (computer, tablet, mobile device), when he/she visits a particular site that uses cookies. Upon each visit, the website will retrieve data about the downloaded cookies and possibly identify the user (depending on the used cookies).

Cookies are important for website operation, as they improve the user’s experience. Cookies enable the analysis of website traffic, as well as advanced advertising techniques. The use of cookies also enables the traceability of a particular user through various websites and the creation of his/her profile, which may show details of an individual’s private life.

FRI stores cookies on a user’s device in the case when they are indispensable for the operation of the site. For all other types of cookies, we need your permission. This site uses different types of cookies.

What cookies do we use?


Cookie name Purpose and description of the cookie Personal data Validity User consent Processor
Necessary cookies
Sessions cookies They serve for storing temporary user information Stores personal data Until the end of the session No user consent required UL-FRI
fri_eucc Cookie for saving the decision about cookies Does not store personal data 30 days No user consent required UL-FRI
Cookies, that do not process personal data
Google Analytics: (Google Privacy Policy)
_ga They follow the user anonymously and do not recognize the user's personal data, merely the activities on this website. Access to data collected through these cookies is not available to third parties. Does not store personal data 2 years User consent required UL-FRI
_gid The cookie is used to distinguish users under randomly generated unique identifiers. Does not store personal data 24 hours User consent required UL-FRI
_gat This cookie follows the user anonymously and does not recognize the user's personal data, merely the activities on our website. Access to data collected through these cookies is not available to third parties. Does not store personal data 1 minute User consent required UL-FRI

Cookie management

The user may at any time accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. You may disable the cookies or receive a notice before the cookie is saved via your web browser settings. You may also completely prevent the installation of cookies for all visited websites in your web browser. You may delete cookies that are already stored on your computer.

  1. Instructions for controlling cookies in web browsers

    Links below, provide the instructions for controlling cookies through the web browser settings:
    Internet Explorer 11 – for instructions, click HERE
    Microsoft Edge – for instructions, click HERE
    Google Chrome – for instructions, click HERE
    Mozilla Firefox – for instructions, click HERE
    Safari (site in English) – for instructions, click HERE

Other personal data

FRI does not collect or process any other personal data through this website.

  1. Personal data, that may be collected automatically

    When you visit our websites or applications, we may automatically collect certain data, with the intent of ensuring the desired technical operation and a better personal experience. This data may include your IP-address, date and time of service access, hardware and software or the browser used to access the service, and data on the operating system of your computer, application version and language settings. Data about clicks and displayed pages may be collected as well. When accessing web pages we use cookies.


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