• Finale Data Science Project Competition

The Data Science Project Competition finals took place on Tuesday, 6 June.

The students presented solutions to challenges set by the companies participating in the Data Science initiative: Medius, CREApro, In516ht, Garex, Siemens, Lexpera, Zurich Insurance Group and Outbrain.

The first prize was awarded to Martin Jukovič and Valter Hudovernik for the challenge A survey and empirical of synthetic data generation methods, prepared by Zurich Insurance group.

Second place went to Matej Pavšič and Leon Hvastja for the Feature selection on large and sparse data sets challenge by Outbrain.

Third place and the prices for the team not enrolled in Data Science studies went to Žiga Drab, Erik Kastelec and Žan Kogovšek for the Zurich Insurance group challenge, Customer segmentation and churn prediction.

The students who received the prize and are not enrolled in FRI studies are Ana Julija Prešeren and David Lajevec for the challenge Forecasting traffic density on motorways, by CREApro.

The best undergraduate team was Jovana Videnović, Haris Kupinić and Luka Brodnik. Their challenge was prepared by Medius on the topic Predicting train occupancy by using external data sources.


Congratulations to the students who did a great job.