• FRI student wins BR41N.IO Hackathon

At the BR41N.IO Brain-Computer Interface Designers Hackathon, which took place as part of the Speculum Artium festival in Trbovlje, the top prize was won by a student from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Marko Krajinović. Congratulations!

Marko took part in the competition as part of his course Interactivity and Design of Information. He collaborated in a team with a pupil from the Trbovlje Secondary Technical and Vocational School.
The concept of the project was solving set tasks in a virtual environment by means of the user’s imagination. At the Hackathon the two developed a simple prototype containing a two-dimensional environment with a series of obstacles. Using a headset interface between the brain and computer (BCI headset) the user selects from among three possible tools. These are then inserted into the application. The user can move them with the mouse and use them in overcoming the obstacles.

The main BR41N.IO IEEE Brain Prize is awarded by the organisation IEEE Brain.