• Instructions for students at the start of the winter semester

Due to the special circumstances tied to the epidemiological situation in Slovenia, the 2020/2021 winter semester, which begins on 1 October 2020, will proceed at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Computer and Information Science in the manner described below.



1. Classes will be organised in line with the government decisions and the National Health Institute guidelines, which are subject to change and regarding which we will keep you updated.

2. We have three models in place for the educational process:

  • model A – as in normal times;
  • model B – interim system; partly at the faculty site, partly from home;
  • model C – entirely from home.


3. In view of the current situation as at 1 October 2020 we will begin with model B.

3.1.  Delivery of lectures will follow a hybrid system, meaning that some students will be in the lecture hall and some at home. Lecture halls will be able to accommodate only as many students as permitted by the current restrictions regarding social distance. Lecturers will use ICT in lecture halls, and as a rule lectures will be streamed, while recordings will also be available.

3.2. Practical classes will be conducted in various ways. For the individual course some sets of practical classes will be in person, and some remote. Students will be notified by the class provider regarding the method of conducting specific sets of classes.

3.3. Classes will follow the timetable (https://urnik.fri.uni-lj.si/) regardless of how they are conducted – at the faculty site or remotely. Students are not assigned to specific sets of practical classes, they must register for them as they go (see point 3.4). This means there are no personalised timetables on the online display, but just the timetables for the entire year of the individual study programme. Please note: Up to the start of lectures and in the first two weeks of classes, some timetable changes will still be possible, so check the timetable regularly.

3.4. To be present in person for classes, it is mandatory for students to register in advance in the course web classrooms, as a rule from Friday evening for the next week until places are filled. On Tuesday, 29 September you can register for lectures given on the first two days of the semester. Please note: Up to the end of September the online classroom for the coming 2020/2021 academic year is accessible at https://ucilnica.fri.uni-lj.si/2021/, and from 1 October it will be accessible at https://ucilnica.fri.uni-lj.si/.

3.5. At the faculty we want students to attend lectures and practical classes in the greatest numbers possible. Nevertheless, up until 15 November 2020 physical presence at the faculty will not be compulsory (in this way we want to ease the arrival of foreign students and others who due to mandatory quarantine or other procedures in arranging their accommodation would have insurmountable difficulties).

3.6 Only healthy students should come to the faculty. The use of a mask is mandatory in all interior spaces, including during lectures, and hand sanitising and maintaining sufficient social distance are also required.

4. For courses attended at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (Computer Science and Mathematics), Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Multimedia) and Faculty of Public Administration (Administrative IT), interdisciplinary students may have different systems for classes. The instructions under points 3.n apply only for courses provided by FRI.


FIRST DAY OF STUDIES, 1 October 2020


The reception for freshmen, first-cycle first-year students, will take place online using the Microsoft Teams tool (you will receive a link by e-mail):

  • 10:00: Computer and Information Science higher education programmeAdministrative IT interdisciplinary academic programme (Watch Live Stream >)
  • 12:00: academic higher education programme in Computer and Information Scienceinterdisciplinary academic programme in Computer Science and Mathematicsinterdisciplinary academic programme in Multimedia (Watch Live Stream >)


The reception for first-year students of second-cycle master’s programmes will take place:


in person in lecture hall 1 (P1):

  • 10:00 – Data Sciences course (in the Computer and Information Science programme)
  • 12:00 – master’s programme in Multimedia


using the Microsoft Teams tool (you will receive a link by e-mail):

  • 14:00 – master’s programme in Computer and Information Science (students of both years and core courses, of course Multimedia students are also welcome) (Watch Live Stream >)


Higher years

Students in higher years will start on 1 October under the valid timetable, abiding by the instructions on mandatory registration for in-person participation using the online classroom.





Freshmen (first-year first-cycle students) will have in-person introductory lectures in all subjects under a special timetable from 6 to 9 October 2020. To this end you will be assigned to a number of small groups in line with the valid measures. Please adhere to the assigned timetables and attend the lectures, where you will meet in person the lecturers and teaching assistants you will work with as the semester progresses.

The timetable for first-year students is posted in the TABLE. Apart from the introductory online reception, up until 6 October 2020 freshmen do not have any organised study obligations.

For all other students, study programmes will proceed according to the timetable and in line with the instructions of individual course providers.

We ask those who have lectures in lecture halls P1 and PA between 5 and 9 October to pay special attention. Since the lecture halls may be occupied up until 9 October with introductory lectures for freshmen, changes are possible (you will be notified of this coordination through the online classroom).