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The new international master's programme funded by the European Commission is the first  in the field of Artificial Intelligence and will be offered by the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), University of Rome Sapienza (Italy), Radboud University (Netherlands), and the Pompeu Fabra University (Spain) in the following year 2023/24. In addition, the consortium has prestigious partner centres, such as the Centre for Artificial Intelligence at University College London (UCL) in the United Kingdom.

It is a two-year programme (120 ECTS) that provides a comprehensive framework of theory and practice in the field of AI. Program will provide students with the basic knowledge needed to explore both the key contextual areas and the complex technical applications of AI systems.


Online info event

We kindly invite interested students to join the On-line information session which will be held on Wednesday, 8th February 2023 at 3PM. Please register online to receive invitation for the event.

Coordinators from partner universities will present the programe, scholarship scheme and curriculum and students will be also able to ask questions.


How is the study of artificial intelligence structured?

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Artificial Intelligence (EMAI) curriculum provides knowledge of the main paradigms of AI (machine learning and symbolic reasoning), as well as their application in specific domains, such as robotics or cybersecurity. The EMAI is a research-oriented master where students will not only acquire the skills to use existing technologies, but will also learn to innovate and develop new ones.

The programme is structured into four semesters and all students will study the first at UPF, in Barcelona. The second semester, which brings the first year to a close, will be taken at any of the other three organizing universities (in Italy, Holland or Slovenia). From the second year, students will be able to choose between the four universities of the consortium depending on their area of specialization of preference:

  • Smart decision-making – Pompeu Fabra Universit
  • Robotics – University of Rome Sapienz
  • Cybersecurity – Radboud Universit
  • Data science – University of Ljubljana

The specialization also involves carrying out a master’s thesis project, working closely in an academic environment with one of the research groups of the four universities, or with one of the associated partners, which include 17 industrial partners.


A Master with a powerful scholarship programme of its own

The master is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, which provides economic support over six years. Among others, it offers full scholarships that cover the cost of the programme and a monthly allowance of €1,400 over the two-year duration of the master’s degree to cover transport, accommodation and living expenses.


More information on EMAI website and University of Ljubljana FRI website.