• Selection Exam for Master’s Study Programmes
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Selection exam for all candidates (Slovene and foreign candidates who have permanent residence in or outside of Republic of Slovenia) will take place online. 

We would like to inform all candidates who applied for one of the Masters study study programs at Faculty for Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, that the number of applications has exceeded the number of available positions for the following study programmes:

  • Computer and Information Science (track Computer and Information Science)
  • Computer and Information Science (track Data Science)
  • Multimedia


Selection exam for all Slovenian and foreign candidates will take place online at FRI Online Classroom (avditorij.fri.uni-lj.si) on Friday 10 September 2021 at 16:00 hours. On 6 September 2021 the initial information has been sent to all the candidates regarding the online exam (to the contact email provided with candidates application through eVŠ). For additional information regarding the online exam and a selection exam please check FRI Online Classroom where detailes regarding organizational process and all the technical information will be provided. 


Catalogue of knowledge for the selection exam for enrolment in the Masters's study programmes: