1. basic information on the catalogue



Name of institution: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Večna pot 113, 1000 Ljubljana

Tel: 01 47 98 100

e-mail: dekanat@fri.uni-lj.si

Responsible official Assoc. Prof. dr. Mojca Ciglarič, Dean
Date of first publication of catalogue: 18 December 2006
Date of most recent change: 01 October 2018
Catalogue is available online at: https://fri.uni-lj.si/en/catalogue-information-public-nature



2. General scheme and information about the institution and the information of a public nature it holds


2.a Organisational scheme and information on the organisation of the institution

Brief description of the institution’s area of work:
The Faculty of Computer and Information Science (FRI), is an educational and scientific research institution and is a member of the University of Ljubljana. In accordance with the Higher Education Act, The Ordinance on the Restructuring of the University of Ljubljana, the UL Statutes and the Rules on the Organisation and Functioning of FRI, it implements the national higher education programme in the fields of (48) computer science (computer and information science), and (14) educational studies and teacher training.

It conducts scientific and research work as part of its mandatory educational work and as part of the set of fundamental applied, developmental and other projects.

Postgraduate education is provided in the form of master’s programmes in Computer and Information Science and IT Systems and Decision-Making. Moreover FRI collaborates actively and successfully with the business sector.


List of all internal organisational units


Organisational scheme of the Faculty


The bodies of the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Computer and Information Science are as follows: 


2.b Contact details for the official person or persons competent for providing information


Competent person:

Dean: Assoc. Prof. dr. Mojca Ciglarič
tel.: 01 4798 100, e-mail: dekanat@fri.uni-lj.si

Secretary-General: Nives Macerl
tel.: 01 4798 113, e-mail: dekanat@fri.uni-lj.si



2.c List of laws, implementing regulations and regulations of the European Community in the field of work of the body (via the national, local or European register of regulations)


Main internal regulations:

  • University of Ljubljana Statutes
  • Rules on the organisation and functioning of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science
  • University of Ljubljana internal regulations

2.d List of strategic and programming documents by content group


Strategic and programming documents:

Strategic and programming documents by the University of Ljubljana.


2.f List of public records administered by the body


List of records:

  • Record of candidates applying for enrolment and enrolled students
  • Personal student card file
  • Record of examination
  • Record of graduates
  • Record of recognition of foreign diplomas
  • Record of recognition of educational qualifications
  • Record of library users
  • Record of employees
  • Record of researchers
  • Record of workplace injuries
  • Record of personal remuneration (wages and fees)



2.g List of other computerised databases



2.h Main subject sets of other information of a public nature or list of individual documents


Sets of information – following a broken down description of the body’s field of work:

  • Undergraduate programmes
  • Master's programmes
  • Doctoral programmes

3. description of the method of access to other information of a public nature


The majority of information is accessible online (http://www.fri.uni-lj.si/en) at any time. Information is physically available every weekday from 10 am to 2 pm at the main location of the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Computer and Information Science.


4. List of most frequently requested information of a public nature


List of most frequently requested information or thematic sets:


5. Standard costs

Standard costs (Prices of material costs for the transmission of public information) are determined by Articles 16, 17 and 18 of the Regulation on the intervention and re-use of public information (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 24/16).