Sen. Lect. dr. David Jelenc
T: +386 1 479 8243
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Room: R3.50 - Laboratorij LEM

David Jelenc obtained his BSc and his PhD at University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Computer and Information Science). He is with the Laboratory for e-media where he works as a researcher and teaching assistant.

His research interests include computational trust and reputation models, agent-based simulations, computer networks and information security.


Awarded for an outstanding research among PhD students at FCIS (December 2013).

Past projects
  • David Jelenc, Ramón Hermoso, Jordi Sabater-Mir in Denis Trček. "Decision making matters: A better way to evaluate trust models." Knowledge-Based Systems 52 (2013): 147-164.
  • David Jelenc in Denis Trček. "Qualitative trust model with a configurable method to aggregate ordinal data." Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 28, no. 5 (2014): 805-835.
  • David Jelenc, Ramón Hermoso, Sascha Ossowski in Denis Trček. "Alpha test-bed: A new approach for evaluating trust models." In Proceedings of ITMAS 2012, The Third International Workshop on Infrastructures and Tools for MAS, pp. 51-64. 2012.