Assist. Prof. dr. Martin Možina
T: +386 1 479 8210
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Room: R3.55- Laboratorij LUI

I work at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory since 2004. I mostly work on argument based machine learning, which is an extension of classical machine learning with argumentation. I am also interested in visualisation of linear models with nomograms and in programs that can automatically explain chess moves.

Past projects

1.Martin Mozina, Jure Zabkar, Ivan Bratko. Argument Based Machine Learning. AI Journal.

2.Martin Mozina, Janez Demsar, Jure Zabkar, Ivan Bratko. Why is Rule Learning Optimistic and How to Correct It. European Conference on Machine Learning (2006).

3. A.Sadikov, M.Možina, M.Guid, J.Krivec, I.Bratko. Automated chess tutor, CG 2006, Torino.

4. Martin Možina, Janez Demšar, Michael Kattan, Blaž Zupan. Nomograms for visualization of naive Bayesian classifier, PKDD 2004.

5. Martin Možina, Matej Guid, Jana Krivec, Aleksander Sadikov, Ivan Bratko. Fighting knowledge acquisition bottleneck with argument based machine learning, ECAI 2008.

6. Martin Možina. Argument Based Machine Learning, Univerza v Ljubljani, doktorsko delo, 2009.