Prof. dr. Erik Štrumbelj
T: +386 1 479 8235
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Office hours: on agreement (email)
Room: R2.04 - Kabinet

My research and professional work is in the field of probability, statistics, machine learning, and applications of these methods to interesting practical problems that require such data analysis and modelling. I'm especially interested in Markov and other stochastic processes, Monte Carlo methods, Bayesian statistics, and the use of quantitative methods in sports (player evaluation, simulation, statistical analysis, forecasting).

Students who share similar interests are always welcome.

Past projects
  • ŠTRUMBELJ, Erik. A comment on the bias of probabilities derived from betting odds and their use in measuring outcome uncertainty. Journal of sports economics, ISSN 1527-0025. [Print ed.], 2014, vol. , no. , str. 1-15.
  • ŠTRUMBELJ, Erik, VRAČAR, Petar. Simulating a basketball match with a homogeneous Markov model and forecasting the outcome. International Journal of Forecasting, ISSN 0169-2070. [Print ed.], 2012, vol. 28, no. 2, str. 532-542.
  • ŠTRUMBELJ, Erik, KONONENKO, Igor. An efficient explanation of individual classifications using game theory. Journal of machine learning research, ISSN 1532-4435. [Print ed.], Jan. 2010, vol. 11, no. [1], str. 1-18.
  • ŠTRUMBELJ, Erik, ROBNIK ŠIKONJA, Marko. Online bookmakers' odds as forecasts : the case of European soccer leagues. International Journal of Forecasting, ISSN 0169-2070. [Print ed.], 2010, vol. 26, no. 3, str. 482-488.