AI on the edge - service and standardization
ob 15:00

V četrtek, 13. februarja 2020, bo ob 15.00 v predavalnici 3 potekalo predavanje Dr. Seung-Wooja Kuma z naslovom AI on the edge - from the viewpoint of service and standardization.


Povzetek predavanja:

AI technologies has made a good progress within last decades. With the help of GPU and cloud technologies, a lot of algorithms with AI have now being proposed for many services including image and speech analysis, and recently there are researches to bring AI from the cloud to the edge. In this session, why the edge is needed to realise end-to-end AI service and what are the considerations for that will be presented. Also, practical implementation design of AI service on the edge based on DECENTER project research and standardization (MPEG Internet of Media Things) will be given.



Dr. Seung-Woo Kum is a managerial researcher at Information and Media Research Center in Korea Electronic Technology Institute (KETI). He received his Ph.D degree from Hanyang University at 2017. Before KETI, he was with LG Electronics as a senior research engineer at DTV Laboratory where he developed middleware and application for the Digital TV. He moved to Information and Media Research Center in KETI in 2006, and since then he involved many projects in ICT technology and related services in various areas including broadcasting, home network and personalized interactive service, mostly related to the home and ubiquitous networking. More recently, he is leading a project for delivering AI service applications onto edge devices.