Gostujoče predavanje: Massoud Alibakhsh
ob 11:00

Vabljeni na gostujoče predavanje Akademije FRI z naslovom "Collective Group Inteligence & Beyond", ki bo v petek, 3. februarja 2023, ob 11. uri v Diplomski sobi FRI. Predaval bo Massoud Alibakhsh, generalni direktor XEBA Technologies.


Naslov: Collective Group Inteligence & Beyond



By examining a trained Neural Net for a given task, we can conclude that intelligence is coded in connections between the nodes. By way of analogy, an organization made up of humans organized to accomplish a defined task can succeed gloriously or fail miserably. What is the role of connectivity using various models and modes of communications systems amongst humans at work and how can it be optimized? This talk examines current group connectivity models and introduces a methodology to not only maximize group intelligence but transcend it to higher levels by fully and seamlessly integrating AI into workflow.


O predavatelju:

Massoud is a tech entrepreneur with a background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He's currently leading the task of creating the next revolution in human and machine communication at Xeba Technologies. From 2000 to 2018 Massoud was founder, CEO and chief architect for one of the first cloud-based Medical Practice Management and Electronic Health Record Systems marketed under the NueMD brand. NueMD was a small offshoot startup which survived the dot com era and grew from a handful of talents to over 250 employees when it was acquired in 2018. Today it is part of Global Payment Network, a fortune 500 company. Creating multiple software technology startups & building comprehensive operations consisting of production, marketing, sales, support, implementation and administration has given him a true and unique insight into the fundamental challenges and the urgent need for optimal and synchronized communication especially in tech producing organizations.