Predavanje pred izvolitvijo: prof. dr. Fabio Ricciato
ob 10:00

Vabljeni na javno predavanje pred izvolitvijo v naziv redni profesor, ki ga bo imel izr. prof. dr. Fabio Ricciato, v ponedeljek, 6. 7. 2020, ob 10. uri v predavalnici P19 na UL FRI.

Naslov predavanja: Estimating the spatial density of mobile devices from cellular network data: modelling aspects and analytical results.

Povzetek: Every time a mobile devices connects to a 2G/3G/4G (and soon 5G) base station, it reveals its approximate location to the mobile network. As this information gets stored by the network operator, the mobile network becomes a wide-area  sensor of human presence and mobility. The information collected (sensed) by the network is however imprecise and affected by a certain degree of spatial and temporal uncertainty. In this lecture we focus on the problem of estimating the spatial distribution of mobile devices at a given reference time.
In the lecture we provide an overview of the whole process, from the initial collection of raw network data through the system modelling stage until the final estimation of spatial density maps. We illustrate the main sources of uncertainty that are encountered in the collection and modelling stages, presenting different possible approaches and their associated trade-offs between accuracy and cost. The final part of the lecture focuses on the analytical aspects of the estimation problem, for which we review existing estimation methods and present new unpublished results.