• Predavanje Academic Writing for Computer Science

O akademskem pisanju na področju računalništva bo v četrtek, 24. maja 2018, ob 11.15 v predavalnici P19 govoril doc. dr. Veljko Pejović. Predavanje bo izvedel z uporabo materialov, ki jih je pripravila dr. Janet L. Kayfetz (Columbia University/UCSB).



This lecture will teach you how to structure and defend your scientific argument, how to change the scope of your argument throughout the paper, how to balance the strength of your claims, but above all - how to write for your readers, rather than just for yourself. We will see a few examples of good writing, and talk about frequent mistakes. Also, feel free to bring your work in progress for a critique.

Note: this class, while lectured in English, is not an English language class. The concepts are applicable to technical and academic computer science writing in general, irrespective of the language used.

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